Wolffish (Ocean Catfish)

It's always a good idea to look before sticking your hands into a trap. This is one very good reason why. What looks like fat around the head and in the mouth is actually muscle. These animals will eat quahogs (big clams) by grinding them up and eating them shell and all. They have been known to bite so hard on impenetrable objects that they break their teeth.

Here you can make out the teeth. If you look closely you can see three rows of them. This animal was around 3 feet long and all muscle. Before I could get a picture of the body, it had flipped itself off the trap and over the side. (oops, there goes dinner.)

A wolffish will eat anything that it finds in a trap and anything that enters the trap. This trap was completely empty. No lobster, no crabs, no welks, - nothing - except his own ugly self.

Here's three that came to dinner. Wolffish are good eating.