The Big Ones...

A big female. Too big to keep for Maine. Estimated age is 12 years. Its crusher can crush a welk's shell like a paper cup.


Another big one. Estimated age is 15 years. Clearly this animal is also too large to keep (by a good inch). Note that this animal and the first one shown on this page have their crusher on opposite sides. Lobsters exhibit 'handedness'.


Yet another one (left)....even bigger! No one would even hazard a guess as to the age of this old girl (note the notched flipper).We had a hard time figuring out how she even got into the trap.

We layed it back in the trap (right). Here you can see the tail is hanging out of one door and the upper body is hanging out of the barely fits...and it was in the second parlor when we hauled the trap so it had to get through two chambers. Obviously this was a lobster on a mission.